Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Around Cedar Creek Lake

Durable, long-lasting metal roofing solutions is a specialty of Legacy Roofing & Gutters throughout the Cedar Creek Lake area. Metal roofing is both beautiful and long-lasting, with many different styles and colors to choose from, including standing seam and standard residential metal roofing. 

Our Metal Roofs Shield your home against nature's worst

The harsh Texas elements around the Cedar Creek Lake area demand a roof that's tough and durable. With 20 years of experience, Legacy Roofing & Gutters has spent in protecting homes, you can now increase the life of your roof by up to 70 years without sacrificing beauty. 

Why A Metal Roof?

  • Metal roofs are weather-proof
  • They last longer and offer better wind and fire protection
  • They are energy-efficient by keeping your home cooler
  • Their low weight preserves your home's structural integrity

Customized Metal Roofing Solutions

Every home is unique and require customized roofing solutions. With our affordable metal roofing services, you will never have to worry about long lasting protection against even the harshest environments like hail, wind and snow. Contact Us now to get a Free Quote!

Ready For A New Roof?

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